COVID Update – Deferment of Face to Face Classes

COVID Update – Deferment of Face to Face Classes

Dear Prospective Students,

Since the School commenced seeking registrations of interest from prospective students, the situation regarding Covid 19 Pandemic has changed dramatically.

It was hoped, at that time, that the virus could be contained  here in Australia, and everyone was looking forward to society re-opening. Then came Omicron in late November.

Today we have the Omicron strain rampaging through the population, with tens of thousands of cases per day, with no doubt that these numbers seem  set to continue their rapid acceleration. As such it is simply not possible to predict what the situation might be at the end of January.

It is with great sadness and regret that the School believes that the only tenable decision we can take at this time is to defer the resumption of face to face teaching.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we are hopeful that this will be possible in the second term.

We are sincerely sorry to have to cause disappointment with the deferment of face to face teaching, and hope that you will understand that we cannot do otherwise.

Julian Ashton Art School