Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to make our Course information and Enrolment procedures as simple as possible.  Our aim is to provide the most flexible route map for the journey through the school for the prospective student.  Hopefully you will find the immediate answer to your query in the following  question answer list.

You are welcome to email questions from the contact page.

Question:  How do I know what  fees are payable?

Answer:  Enrolment is for the term which is 9 weeks and is $495 per class of 2 hours and 45 minutes. You attend the same class/classes at the same time each week for the term. The number of classes determines the fee. Fees are for the Term of 9 weeks.  If, for example, you have a Tuesday day class(a morning and afternoon class) and a Tuesday evening class, then that is three classes per week for 9 weeks at a cost of $1485.

Question: What is the minimum age to attend JAAS?

Answer: The minimum age required is 18 years.

Question: How many classes should I attend?
Answer. This is completely up to you, however your progress will be dependent on the amount of classes and time you can put into your study.  Preference will be given to students who can commit to more sessions, and that have a strong drive to achieve accomplishment in realist drawing and painting skills over the long term.

Question: Who should study at JAAS?

Answer: Students who are looking for strong foundational knowledge and technical skills in realistic drawing and painting, for use as a full time artist or that are required in related fields such as fine art and portraiture commission, animation, illustration and a large range of artistic career paths that require strong foundation skills and are prepared to put in the long hours required to develop these skills. There is no formal accreditation by government educational bodies, however the School may issue a record of students’ accomplishment once they demonstrate a satisfactory level of mastery in drawing and painting.