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Term 4 Enrolments

Term 4 Dates: Tuesday October 11th to Friday December 9th. 4 days per week(Tuesday to Friday) for 9 weeks with evenings Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Apply now for the opportunity to enrol for term 4, as classes are extremely limited. (Painting by instructor Chris Browne)

We are Opening!

After much work refurbishing the school during COVID, the school will be opening on the 26th of April to a refocused and revitalised school. If you haven’t registered to enrol do it now, as classes are extremely limited.

COVID Update – Deferment of Face to Face Classes

Dear Prospective Students, Since the School commenced seeking registrations of interest from prospective students, the situation regarding Covid 19 Pandemic has changed dramatically. It was hoped, at that time, that the virus could be contained  here in Australia, and everyone was looking forward to society re-opening. Then came Omicron in late November. Today we have the Omicron strain rampaging through the population, with tens of thousands of cases per day, with no doubt that these numbers seem  set to continue their rapid acceleration. As such it is simply not possible to predict what the situation might be at the end…

Reopening Update – Vaccination Requirements

At this stage we will be reopening on the 1st of February 2022. In the interests of the health and safety of our staff and students, all people entering the Art School must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (subject to applicable medical exemptions). Proof of vaccination will be required in the form of a Covid-19 Digital Certificate in paper or digital form for entry into the school. All attendees must also follow any public health orders in force at the time of attendance. Limited positions will be available, register your interest in enrolling now.

Reopening Update – A Revitalised School

A Revitalised and Refocused School The Principal, Paul Ashton Delprat said, “The School has survived The Plague, World Wars, The Spanish Flu, and The Depression and we will adapt and thrive again.” Preparations for compliance with COVID regulations has driven a larger and exciting refocus of the school, with significantly smaller classes allowing a much better teacher to student ratio. The studio layouts have been revised with the installations of specialised and dedicated lighting, shadow boxes and fixed positions of cast and still life setups, allowing for highly focused and extended studies in selected areas. Although it has been a…