Reopening Update – A Revitalised School

Reopening Update – A Revitalised School

A Revitalised and Refocused School

The Principal, Paul Ashton Delprat said, “The School has survived The Plague, World Wars, The Spanish Flu, and The Depression and we will adapt and thrive again.”

Preparations for compliance with COVID regulations has driven a larger and exciting refocus of the school, with significantly smaller classes allowing a much better teacher to student ratio. The studio layouts have been revised with the installations of specialised and dedicated lighting, shadow boxes and fixed positions of cast and still life setups, allowing for highly focused and extended studies in selected areas.

Although it has been a difficult time being closed for so long, it has allowed the school to implement a major update to the studio layouts for COVID safe distancing regulations compliance and take advantage of the time to also significantly enhance the student experience and quality of study.

Limited positions will be available, register your interest in enrolling now.