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JAAS 2018 Prizes, Scholarships, Diplomas and Certificates

Congratulations to this years winners – it was, according to the judges, a very difficult selection due to the exceptional high standards!


  • Bianca Michael
  • Elizabeth Austin
  • Claire Park
  • Renee Beyer
  • Edward Essing
  • Elspeth McKellar


  • Sally Moran
  • Juin Wee
  • Veronica Colvin
  • Natalie Lapardin


  • Sir William Dobell Scholarship – Astro Spiller
  • John Olsen Scholarship – Alexia Novella
  • Brett Whitely Scholarship – Rei Tresler
  • Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Scholarship – Phil Went
  • Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Part Time Scholarship – Anna Terrey
  • William Fletcher Scholarship – Edward Essing


  • The Phillip Muskett Prize (Sponsored by Parkers Galleries) – John Musgrave
  • The Marjorie Santow Award (Sponsored by Parkers Galleries) – Matilda Julian
  • The Joshua Smith Prize (Sponsored by Yve Close) – Marie Barbe
  • The Richard and Wenda Ashton Prize (Sponsored by Parkers Galleries) – Rosemary Ashton
  • The George Lambert Sculpture Prize (Sponsored by Parkers Galleries) – Veronica Colvin
  • The David Wilson Award – Mary Porter
  • The Sydney Long Watercolour Prize Caroline Oesterheld
  • The Jocelyn Maughan Drapery Prize Janine Matthews