Wednesday Sketch Club Georges Hts


Wednesday Sketch Club Term 4, 2019 . 10 painting sessions with the Life model, who poses for several weeks. $300.


Join us for 10 Life painting sessions  on Wednesdays at Georges Hts. The model takes the pose for several weeks

Hours  9.30 am to 3.30pm. Price $300 for the 10 weeks- only $30 per day.

First session for Term 1, 2019 is Wednesday January 31st . Last session is Wednesday April 3rd.
First session Term 2, 2019, is Wednesday April 24th, last session is Wednesday June 26th.
First session Term 3, 2019, is Wednesday July 17th, last session is Wednesday Sept 18th.
First session Term 4, 2019, is Wednesday October 9th, last session is Wednesday December 11th.
( Please note there is no tuition )