Sculpture/ Modeling Mondays and Fridays


Sculpture/ Modeling Mondays and Fridays.

Create a figure or bust in the round via a sound understanding of anatomy and close observation. Creative freedom and expression is your goal.
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Alberto Proietta


The Rocks


Sculpture/ Modeling Mondays and Fridays

This class is equally suited to complete beginners or more advanced students. Working from plaster reference casts, printed images and using yourself as a model, your awareness of three dimensions will be enhanced by associating sight with touch. This will benefit your visual interpretation of form in general and of human anatomy. The experience will then also benefit your figure drawing and painting, and that is the intention. However, this is not a full sculpture course as such, and there is no live model. We work exclusively with oil or wax-based modelling materials, which are impermanent but reusable.( Casting in plaster or resin is not available at the School can be arranged elsewhere at students own cost.) Students who pursue sculpture further, confirm that their experience in this course is a valuable introduction to figure modeling. Student numbers are limited, so please enrol early.


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