Ross Harvey

Australia’s finest classical realist still life painter. Studied at the Julian Ashton Art School between 1971-1974. Ross taught at the school between 1973-1975. He has held ten solo exhibitions since 1980, and won the Mortimore Prize in 2007 amongst others.
Ross is a traditional tonal realist in approach. He paints directly from the subject set up on a table before him using natural light, with only a plumb bob and mirror as technical aids. He never paints from photographs, which reproduce the camera’s vision rather than the painter’s. His unparalleled technical proficiency is the result of a lifelong pursuit of perfection, and of study of the old masters and their techniques.
The combination of truth of tone, precision of detail, subtlety of gradation, and awareness of light, mood and atmosphere, makes his work unique in this country.
He has a vision of what the perfect picture should be, and has devoted his life to realising it regardless of the time required. It is usual for him to spend about eight months per picture, and he would rather produce one masterpiece than a hundred mediocre paintings. The result of this study and devotion to excellence can be seen in his works.