Guy Troughton

Guy Troughton’s delicately rendered paintings are inspired by his love of the natural world. A passionate naturalist who studied zoology before embarking on his highly successful artistic career, Guy is well known for his penetrating landscapes and animal portraits and his remarkable ability to capture the essence of whatever he paints.

Driven by his desire to create something beautiful from subjects that mean a great deal to him personally, Guy paints the amazing and the ordinary, often the unnoticed, imbuing them all with a sense of mystery.

In much of his work, Guy explores the intrinsic relationship between man and nature and presents his own deeply-felt vision of how they are connected.

Guy has been a finalist in many major art prizes including the Blake Prize, The Salon des Refusés and The Waterhouse Prize. Since moving to Australia in 1997, Guy has held nine solo exhibitions and has exhibited in numerous group shows in both Sydney and Melbourne. He is represented in several notable collections around the world including the Massachusetts Audubon Society, The National Trust UK and The Fauna and Flora Preservation Society.

A highly accomplished watercolour artist, Guy was elected to the prestigious Australian Watercolour Institute in 1999 and is a current Council member.

He teaches watercolour both privately and for the Julian Ashton Art School, and among his many awards Guy won the Viewers’ Choice at the Mosman Art Prize in 2005 for his watercolour portrait of the school’s principal, artist Paul Delprat.

Guy currently works from his studio in Sydney.