Kathryn Tarkowski

Upon leaving school attended the City Art Institute between 1979 and 1982 where she completed a degree in Visual Art. She then went on to do a teaching diploma at Sydney Teachers College. After working for a number of years and then marrying in 1988 she moved to the U.K for 13 years and started a family. However she also furthered her studies in Buckinghamshire at the Amersham and Wycombe College where she completed the Higher Bucks Diploma in Painting.

Kathryn returned to Sydney in 2001 and eventually found the Julian Ashton Art School where she bagan to study part-time. By 2012 she was studying full-time having won the Thea Proctor Scholarship which concluded with a solo exhibition at the Eva Bruer Gallery in Woollarah. She continues her studies at the school.