ShoulderDeltoidLateral End Clavicle, Acromium Process & Spine of the Scapular Humerus
Upper Arm   
a. Flexor Group of Upper ArmBrachialis (under Biceps)Front Surface Humerus             Head Ulna
 Biceps; Long Head Above Glenoid FossaHead Radius
 Biceps; Short HeadCoracoid Process, Scapular     Head Radius
b. Extensor Group of the Upper Arm (rear/high)Triceps; Long HeadBelow Glenoid FossaTendon to Elbow
 Triceps; Short HeadBack Sureace HumerusTendon to Elbow
Lower Arm   
a. Flexor-Pronator Group (inner side-low)Flexor Carpi UlnarisHumerus, Medial EpicondyleWrist, little finger side
 PalmarisHumerus, Medial EpicondyleWrist, centre palm
 Flexor Carpi RadialisHumerus, Medial EpicondyleThumb base
 Pronator TeresHumerus, Medial EpicondyleUpper Radius
b. Extensor-Supinator Group (rear/high)BrachioradialisHumerus, between Triceps and BicepsRadius, near thumb
 Extensor Carpi Radialis LongusHumerus, Lateral EpicondyleMetacarpal #2
 Extensor Carpi Radialis BrevisHumerus, Lateral EpicondyleMetacarpal #3
 Extensor Digitorum (Communis)Humerus, Lateral EpicondyleBy 4 Tendons to fingers 2-5
 Extensor Carpi UlnarisHumerus, Lateral EpicondyleMetacarpal #5
 AnconeusHumerus, Lateral EpicondyleUlna, top surface
Simplified Lower Arm   
 Extensor GroupElbow, outer sideThumb and back of hand
 Flexor GroupElbow, inner sideHand, Palm side

Extensor & Flexor Groups divided by Ulna  and on the inside by a line from the inner Elbow to the inner Wrist.

Wrist-thumb Group   
 Abductor Pollicis LongusUlna & Radius, Wrist endThumb
 Extensor Pollicis BrevisRadius, Wrist endThumb
 Thenar EminenceWrist, Thumb sideThumb
 Hypothenar EminenceWrist, Little Finger sideLittle Finger
Head and Neck   
 Orbicularis OcculiAround Eyes 
 Orbicularis OrisAround Mouth 
 ZygomaticusZygomatic bone (cheekbone)Top of lips
 MasseterBehind Zygomatic boneCorner of jaw under ear
 SternocleidomastoidBehind EarSternum & Clavicle
 PectoralClavicle (middle half), Sternum, Abdominal Sheath Humerus
 SerratusFan like digitations from 8 Upper RibsPassed between Ribs & Scapular
 External ObliqueBy digitations from Ribs 5-7, upper 4 weave with slips of SerratusRectus Abdominus, Liguinal Line, Iliac Crest
 Rectus AbdominusSymphysis PubisThoracic Arch
 Strong Cords of the backSacrum & Iliac CrestLower Ribs
 RhomboidsThoracic Vertebrae 1-4Scapular
 InfraspinatusBelow Spine of the ScapularHumerus, Major Tubercle
 Teres MajorScapular, lower angleUpper Humerus, below Latissimus Dorsi
 Latissimus DorsiThoracic Vertebrae #7, Iliac Crest, Lower 3 RibsHumerus, near hand
 TrapeziusBase of Skull, Nuchal LigamentOuter Clavicle, Acromium Process, Scapular Spine
Groin and Thigh   
a. Groin and Adductor Group of Thigh (Upper-Inner Group)AdductorsPubisFemur
 GracilisPubisTibia, behind Satorius
b. Iliac Reins to KneeSatoriusPelvic PointTibia Tuberosity
 Tensor Fasciae LataePelvic PointIlio-Tibial Band to Tibia Head
c. Extensor Group – Quadriceps (front-high)Vastus MedialisFemurCommon tendon to Patella
 Vastus LateralisGreat TrochanterCommon tendon to Patella
 Rectus FemorisSecond Pelvic PointCommon tendon to Patella
d. Buttock and Abductor GroupGluteus MaximusIlium & SacrumIlio-Tibial Band
 Gluteus MediusIliumGreat Trochanter
e. Flexor Group – Hamstring Muscles (rear-low)Biceps FemorisFemurFibular Head
 SemitendinosusIschiumTuberosity of Tibia
 SemimembranosusIschiumTibia, Medial Condyle
Lower Leg   
a. Flexor Group (high, passing behind ankle)GastrocnemiusFemur CondylesArchilles
 Peronius LongusFibula HeadBehind outer Ankle by tendon
b. Extensor Group (middle, passing front Ankle)Tibialis AnteriorTibia, in front of Fibula HeadTendon to Big Toe
 Extensor Digitorum BrevisInside of Outer AnkleTendons to Toes 1 to 4
Sole of Foot   
 Abductor HallucisInner HeelBase of Big Toe
 Abductor Digiti MinimiOuter HeelBase of Little Toe