Region Muscle Origin Insertion
Shoulder Deltoid Lateral End Clavicle, Acromium Process & Spine of the Scapular  Humerus
Upper Arm      
a. Flexor Group of Upper Arm Brachialis (under Biceps) Front Surface Humerus              Head Ulna
  Biceps; Long Head  Above Glenoid Fossa Head Radius
  Biceps; Short Head Coracoid Process, Scapular      Head Radius
b. Extensor Group of the Upper Arm (rear/high) Triceps; Long Head Below Glenoid Fossa Tendon to Elbow
  Triceps; Short Head Back Sureace Humerus Tendon to Elbow
Lower Arm      
a. Flexor-Pronator Group (inner side-low) Flexor Carpi Ulnaris Humerus, Medial Epicondyle Wrist, little finger side
  Palmaris Humerus, Medial Epicondyle Wrist, centre palm
  Flexor Carpi Radialis Humerus, Medial Epicondyle Thumb base
  Pronator Teres Humerus, Medial Epicondyle Upper Radius
b. Extensor-Supinator Group (rear/high) Brachioradialis Humerus, between Triceps and Biceps Radius, near thumb
  Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus Humerus, Lateral Epicondyle Metacarpal #2
  Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis Humerus, Lateral Epicondyle Metacarpal #3
  Extensor Digitorum (Communis) Humerus, Lateral Epicondyle By 4 Tendons to fingers 2-5
  Extensor Carpi Ulnaris Humerus, Lateral Epicondyle Metacarpal #5
  Anconeus Humerus, Lateral Epicondyle Ulna, top surface
Simplified Lower Arm      
  Extensor Group Elbow, outer side Thumb and back of hand
  Flexor Group Elbow, inner side Hand, Palm side

Extensor & Flexor Groups divided by Ulna  and on the inside by a line from the inner Elbow to the inner Wrist.

Wrist-thumb Group      
  Abductor Pollicis Longus Ulna & Radius, Wrist end Thumb
  Extensor Pollicis Brevis Radius, Wrist end Thumb
  Thenar Eminence Wrist, Thumb side Thumb
  Hypothenar Eminence Wrist, Little Finger side Little Finger
Head and Neck      
  Fontalis Forehead  
  Orbicularis Occuli Around Eyes  
  Nasalis Nose  
  Orbicularis Oris Around Mouth  
  Zygomaticus Zygomatic bone (cheekbone) Top of lips
  Masseter Behind Zygomatic bone Corner of jaw under ear
  Sternocleidomastoid Behind Ear Sternum & Clavicle
  Pectoral Clavicle (middle half), Sternum, Abdominal Sheath  Humerus
  Serratus Fan like digitations from 8 Upper Ribs Passed between Ribs & Scapular
  External Oblique By digitations from Ribs 5-7, upper 4 weave with slips of Serratus Rectus Abdominus, Liguinal Line, Iliac Crest
  Rectus Abdominus Symphysis Pubis Thoracic Arch
  Strong Cords of the back Sacrum & Iliac Crest Lower Ribs
  Rhomboids Thoracic Vertebrae 1-4 Scapular
  Infraspinatus Below Spine of the Scapular Humerus, Major Tubercle
  Teres Major Scapular, lower angle Upper Humerus, below Latissimus Dorsi
  Latissimus Dorsi Thoracic Vertebrae #7, Iliac Crest, Lower 3 Ribs Humerus, near hand
  Trapezius Base of Skull, Nuchal Ligament Outer Clavicle, Acromium Process, Scapular Spine
Groin and Thigh      
a. Groin and Adductor Group of Thigh (Upper-Inner Group) Adductors Pubis Femur
  Gracilis Pubis Tibia, behind Satorius
b. Iliac Reins to Knee Satorius Pelvic Point Tibia Tuberosity
  Tensor Fasciae Latae Pelvic Point Ilio-Tibial Band to Tibia Head
c. Extensor Group – Quadriceps (front-high) Vastus Medialis Femur Common tendon to Patella
  Vastus Lateralis Great Trochanter Common tendon to Patella
  Rectus Femoris Second Pelvic Point Common tendon to Patella
d. Buttock and Abductor Group Gluteus Maximus Ilium & Sacrum Ilio-Tibial Band
  Gluteus Medius Ilium Great Trochanter
e. Flexor Group – Hamstring Muscles (rear-low) Biceps Femoris Femur Fibular Head
  Semitendinosus Ischium Tuberosity of Tibia
  Semimembranosus Ischium Tibia, Medial Condyle
Lower Leg      
a. Flexor Group (high, passing behind ankle) Gastrocnemius Femur Condyles Archilles
  Peronius Longus Fibula Head Behind outer Ankle by tendon
b. Extensor Group (middle, passing front Ankle) Tibialis Anterior Tibia, in front of Fibula Head Tendon to Big Toe
  Extensor Digitorum Brevis Inside of Outer Ankle Tendons to Toes 1 to 4
Sole of Foot      
  Abductor Hallucis Inner Heel Base of Big Toe
  Abductor Digiti Minimi Outer Heel Base of Little Toe