The Rocks Term Evening classes

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All terms are 10 weeks. Term 4, 2016 dates- Monday October 10th to Saturday December 17th


Fundamentals of Still Life, Figure and Portrait Painting (C)

Monday to Friday Evenings, plus Friday mid-afternoon 4pm.

An ongoing, step by step course progressing from basic drawing, via ;tonal and colour analysis, to finished works in pencil, charcoal or oil. Still life, the figure and portraiture may be studied independently in this illuminating course. —The basics of all Fine art practice

Mon  Tues, Wed, Thurs evenings,  6.15pm to 9 pm.

Fri: mid afternoon,  4 pm to 6.30pm, evening  6.30pm to 9.15 pm.

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Classical Life Drawing (D)


Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci.

Are these the artists who kindled in you the love of fine classical drawing?

You may not be as familiar with the drawings of George Washington Lambert, one of Australia’s greatest draughtsmen, who was a student of this school, as was William Dobell, another brilliant master of the pencil. It is worth a visit to the Drawing section of the AGNSW to view their work. Adelaide Perry, Thea Proctor, – there are so many famous Ashton Alumni names. Samuel Wade and Murray Bird are just two of the splendid masters of drawing who are currently teaching in this school.

Throughout the history of fine drawing, from the age of the Altamira cave artists in the Basque country of Northern Spain where 40.000 years ago bison were observed accurately and fixed on rock walls, there have been many great masters .

Great drawing is, in its essence, more about form and structure than feeling. To be able draw with feeling and authority the the artist ultimately relies on practice and observation. All the fine drawing classes in the school are centered on the live model. The student refers continually to the skeleton and anatomical casts and texts. Line and hatching is explored in this course, rather than tone, which for our purposes here hides form rather than revealing the structure that the draughtsman must search for. This course is for those who love drawing for its own sake.

By close observation from the live models. See underlying skeletal / muscular structure. Great master styles are explored. An ongoing course.

Beginners /Advanced

Wednesday evenings,  6.15pm to 9pm.

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Evening Life Painting (E)

Monday and Thursday

With life model, warm up poses and ten-week pose, or still life if you prefer. Includes instruction in modern scientific colour and light theory, as explained on the website The Dimensions of Colour. Stable, controlled lighting, allowing you to capture vivid effects of light and colour.

Foundation exercises in drawing and painting, including colour mixing and great master copies.

No previous drawing or painting experience expected.

Monday evening, Thursday evening, 6.15pm to

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