The Rocks Term Day Classes

Day classes at The Rock  and Fee Schedule for all Rocks Classes

Enrol for one class per week or up to 10 classes per week. It’s up to you.

When you enrol, select your desired time slot/s and class or classes. Fees are payable according to the number of classes you attend per week for the 10 week term. A class is a morning, afternoon or evening session as per below.


Progressive discounts available when a term’s fees are paid prior to the commencement of class/es. (Conditions apply)

Fee Schedule for a 10 Week Term: This Schedule is for all Rocks Classes, Day and Evening.

1 class per week: $380

2 classes per week: $760 $720

3 classes per week: $1,140 $1020

4 classes per week: $1,520 $1,290

5 classes per week: $1,990 $1,490

6 classes per week: $2,280 $1,690

7 classes per week: $2,660 $1,890

8 classes per week: $3040  $2,090

10 classes per week: $3,800 $2,490


All terms are 10 weeks. 

Term 3, 2017- Monday, July 17th to Saturday September 23rd.

Term 4, 2017- Monday, October 9th to Saturday December 16th .

Classes are held throughout the week. See also  Evening classes

Monday to Friday 9:15am – 12:00pm class
Monday to Friday 12:45pm – 3:30pm class
Saturday 10:00am – 12:45pm class
Saturday 1:30pm – 4:15pm class

Basic Drawing and Painting (1)

Monday to Saturday

Monday to Friday: 9:15am – 12:00pm (morning class) and 12:45pm – 3:30pm (afternoon class).

Saturday: 10:00am – 12:45pm (morning class) and 1:30pm – 4:15pm (afternoon class)


Training coordination of hand and eye. Proportion, direction, form, structure and perspective lead to tonal still life studies in graphic media and oil paint providing the basis for tonal anatomical studies and colour analysis. Our very talented and experienced teachers will let you know when you are ready to progress from drawing to painting.

In this course, you will achieve confidence handling materials. Vermeer and Velasquez are references for those pursuing excellence and still life painting is examined in the finest detail.

Recommended for beginners – As an advanced student you work at your own level.

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Life Drawing, Life Painting and Portraiture (2)

The fine art of figurative drawing  and painting is as old as art itself. Learning to draw the human figure is considered a fundamental art practice that is central to the teaching at this famous Art School. Many fine artists consider life drawing from the nude model to be serving ones artistic apprenticeship and that it is a must do for any aspiring art student.

Monday and Tuesday: 9:15am – 12:00pm (morning class) and 12:45pm – 3:30pm (afternoon class).

Life Class Anatomical Studies

Life Class Anatomical Studies

The Julian Ashton Art School holds structured life classes where students are tutored in understanding the human form, observing anatomical structure from the nude model, drawing or painting in various media.  The school also has a collection of plaster casts & artist’s skeletons, perfect for use when initially learning the finer points of the human anatomy including bone and muscle structure and connections.

The Julian Ashton Art School offers a number of art classes suitable for art students wanting to practice directly from the nude model

There is a different  emphasis on different days.

Life Drawing Monday and Tuesday

On Monday,  poses range from a few minutes to half day and full day. Students concentrate on their figure drawing and develop an understanding of human anatomy. As well as a systematic analysis of anatomy from the live model, students explore line and tone, in the process training their visual memory.

On Tuesday, the model holds short poses, ranging from five minutes to half an hour.

The aim, with continued attendance, is for students to gain a sound knowledge of anatomy in order to depict the figure in an expressive, dynamic  fashion.

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday: 9:15am – 12:00pm (morning class) and 12:45pm – 3:30pm (afternoon class).

Individual tuition in a class environment at the student’s own pace, exploring oil painting and drawing

Models hold both short and long poses, progressing to maintaining the same pose for up to 3 to 5 weeks. Shorter poses enable students to build their skills with increased practice. On Wednesdays, there is a different pose in morning and the afternoon, .

Thursday’s classes range from concentrating on individual features to extended poses over several weeks.

Friday and Saturday

Friday: 9:15am – 12:00pm (morning class) and 12:45pm – 3:30pm (afternoon class).

Saturday: 10:00am – 12:45pm (morning class) and 1:30pm – 4:15pm (afternoon class)


The model holds the same pose for the 10 week term.

Students explore drawing and flesh-painting styles in oil, from laying- in to final glazing, as well as matching tones, mixing colours and paint application .

Some prior drawing experience is advisable.

Students may enroll from one class per week to 10 classes per week (full time).

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Watercolour  (3)


Wednesday: 9:15am – 12:00pm (morning class) and 12:45pm – 3:30pm (afternoon class).

The Julian Ashton Art School offers both beginner & advanced tuition suitable for any aspiring art student who wants to learn the fundamentals or more complex techniques of handling watercolour. You learn how to make wet washes and use masking techniques. Wet into dry paint and wet into wet are explored. Composition is emphasised and you learn to plan your watercolour enabling you to keep your colours clean. You appreciate how to master the happy accident and study the great masters of watercolour.

Our watercolour classes allow the art student to explore this painting medium by studying from still life, flowers, the model and landscape.


Also every second Monday evening– 6 pm to 8.45 pm. See here.
Also Sunday Workshops once each term. See here.

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Sculpture / Modelling  (4)

Monday and Friday

Monday: 9:15am – 12:00pm (morning class) and 12:45pm – 3:30pm (afternoon class).

Friday: 4:00pm – 6:30pm (afternoon class) and 6:30pm – 9.15pm (evening class)

The Julian Ashton Art School teaches figurative sculpting techniques as well as how to sculpt portraits or ‘busts’. You learn as you sculpt  in either plasticine or other suitable modeling mediums. You are encouraged to develop your drawing skills as you progress in our sculpture courses. Your facility as a draughtsman is quite often the key to success in this powerful medium. Your first sculptures will be based on empirical observation of simple forms leading to working in the round.  The great variety of sculpture & modeling techniques you will learn can one day form the basis of your artistic process if you’re aiming to create cast bronze artworks or other forms of sculpture. Please note; Casting and manufacture of sculpture is not done at the school.


Classes are held on Mondays during the day and Fridays 4pm and Evening

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Samuel Wade Self portrait in oils

Samuel Wade Self portrait in oils

Fundamentals of Life Drawing  (7)


Saturday: 10:00am – 12:45pm (morning class) and 1:30pm – 4:15pm (afternoon class)


A  comprehensive structured course – from the basics to the advanced anatomy, using the life model right from the start.  Study the  parts independently: Beginning Life Drawing (1 term),  Essentials of Anatomy/Advanced Life Drawing (4 terms)

    • Beginning Life Drawing: Sat 10 am to 12.45pm
    • Essentials of Anatomy  : Saturday  1.30 to 4.15 pm

See also Class 2, Life Drawing and Life Painting and Portraiture, Monday and Tuesday, where the emphasis is on drawing, and Classical Life Drawing D, Wednesday Evening

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