Outline of Courses and Art classes at Georges Heights, Mosman

Drawing and painting classes at Georges Heights, Mosman

All terms are 10 weeks.

Term 1. 2018 , January 29th to April 7th.


From the JAAS Studio at Headland Park Georges Heights, Mosman you can take a five minute walk along the escarpment path and gaze from many vantage points at the  entrance of,  “The Greatest Harbour in the World”, as Captain Arthur Phillip described it;  Students are constantly aware of the changes of the mood of the day – clouds, clear skies, rain, morning clarity and evening softness.

There is no better place to study landscape.

It should be noted that the basics of landscape painting are to be discovered by studying still life.  In the studio at Georges Heights as at the Rocks Campus, the student observes tonal values in simple still life objects under a controlled light.

Becoming fluent with tonal colour is the key to all landscape and figure painting and it is a joyful journey of discovery.

All of the following subjects are studied at this perfectly located studio.

Art classes – Basic Drawing and Painting  (A) Monday,

Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

What Ashton’s is famous for –

Monday – Merrin Woods  Morning class:   9.30am –12 pm,  Afternoon class:  12.30pm – 3.00pm
Thursday – Paul Delprat  Morning class:   9.30am –12 pm,  Afternoon class:  12.30pm – 3.00pm

Friday – Jessica Ashton Morning class:   9.30am –12 pm,  Afternoon class:  12.30pm – 3.00pm
Saturday – Paul Delprat  Morning class:   9.30am –12 pm.

The student achieves co-ordination of hand and eye and examines the proportion, direction and the form of simple objects. The recognition of structure and the rules of perspective lead the student to the study of light and shade in monochrome.  Tonal still life studies in graphic media provide the basis for tonal anatomical studies. Oil painting is very much a traditional, however ever so versatile painting medium.  Painting in oils is often the preferred painting medium for portrait as well as landscape painting, as it allows the artist to work and re-work, continuously blending the oil colours to the desired effect.   Oil Paints have a longer curing period than Acrylic Paints & mediums.

The Julian Ashton Art School teaches oil painting classes for portraiture; painting directly from life, as well as oil painting classes for landscape & seascape.  Our teachers also enjoy teaching each student the fundamental techniques of oil painting to ensure the student can apply this universal painting medium to any choice of artistic endeavor.

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Art classes – Life Drawing, Painting and Portraiture   (B)

Thursday and Friday

Thursday Paul Delprat   Morning class:  9:30am -12 pm,    Afternoon class:   12:30pm–3:00pm

Friday Jessica Ashton    Morning class:   9.30 am- 12pm,   Afternoon class:  12.30pm – 3.oopm

The fine art of figurative drawing is as old as art itself. Learning to draw the human figure is considered a fundamental art practice that is central to the teaching at this famous Art School. Many fine artists consider life drawing from the nude model to be serving ones artistic apprenticeship and that it is a “must”  for any aspiring art student.

Students are tutored in understanding the human form, observing anatomical structure and form from the nude model, drawing or painting in various media.Explore flesh painting styles in oil, from laying- in to final glazing as well as matching tones, mixing colours and paint application. Graduate subtle tone and colour.

The school also has a collection of plaster casts & artists skeletons perfect for use when initially learning the finer points of the human anatomy including bone and muscle structure and connections.

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Art classes – Watercolour Painting  (C) Tuesday

Tuesday  Josefia Lemon
Morning class:   9.30am –12 pm,  Afternoon class:  12.30pm – 3.00pm


Practice watercolour techniques with Josefia Lemon, a master famous for her magical landscapes of Sydney Harbour

and country NSW.

Beginner & advanced tuition suitable for any  student who wants to learn the fundamentals, or more complex techniques of handling watercolour.

Students are tutored according to their level.

Watercolour is very much a medium of effects and requires a thorough knowledge of the possibilities and brilliance of the medium and above all knowing the right time to stop.

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Art classes – Landscape Painting  (D) Saturday

Tutor  Paul Delprat
Saturdays.  Class times:  Morning class 9.30 am. to 12.pm.

Being taught individually you progress at your own pace.

The ever changing skies which the artist can observe from horizon to horizon are an inspiration and a challenge to the student.

The varying hues of the sea – from cobalt to ultramarine and now a hint of monastral leading to violet are exciting journeys in colour mixing. You learn the first rule which is to keep your edges clean and how to prepare your palette as a tonal colour keyboard.

You explore concept, tone, colour, composition and perspective in oil or acrylic, in the studio and outdoors by the harbour  “en plein air”.

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