Holiday Courses including Summer Schools


A number of art classes are offered during the holidays between terms.

Summer  Holidays 2018

Week 5c – Running with places available!

Weekend 5E – Running with places available

Outline of Holiday Courses

Holiday courses, including Summer Schools, are held over the JAAS Christmas Holidays and between JAAS terms respectively and follow whenever possible the New South Wales State State School holidays. (Please check as dates may differ.)  All are welcome,  beginners and advanced,  from 18 to mature aged.  All courses are held subject to numbers so it is advisable to book early. 

Each holiday course is designed to give a comprehensive introduction to sound studio practice in the subject area.  Our methods of teaching are traditional. We have respect for the proven techniques of the masters and believe that it is the duty of this school to provide, as well, up to date technologies and practice.

Our  program of courses includes;  Life Drawing,  Watercolour, Landscape, Tone Colour and Composition, Anatomy, Colour Light and Vision, Figure Painting, Still Life and Tonal Studies. They are held at both the Rocks and the Georges Heights Campus. The Summer Festival of Sea and Skies is held at our Georges Heights Studio which enjoys unparalleled vistas over Sydney Harbour.( Please see descriptions below as not all classes are held  in each break.)

The Julian Ashton Art Schools offers a comprehensive suite of Holiday Courses to art students at all levels of experience wanting to improve their depth of knowledge. Our courses do vary from season to season.  Please view the down loadable current class enrollment forms to your right. These enrollment forms also provide up to date information on all other visual art courses that we offer.

Course Descriptions for Summer 2017/2018

Colour, Light & Vision

Tutor David Briggs
Rocks Campus
Week 1D, Dec 18th to  22nd, 2017, at Rocks .

Hrs 9.15 am to 3.30pm. $450.

A unique course intended for any painter in oils, experienced or just beginning, who wants to fully understand colour. Theory and practical exercises cover: light and vision; pigments and their properties ; the different kinds of primary colours and their respective application ; a framework for visualising colour and tonal relationships ; physical colour mixing ;optical mixing and glazing and making colour sequences that evoke powerful effects of light.

Please note- this course is for painting in oils.

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Tutor Josefia Lemon

Week 2A,  4 Days, Jan 2nd to 5th, 2018. At Rocks.

Hours 9.15am to 3.30 pm. $390

Josefia is an award winning watercolourist. Learn how to make perfect wet washes; use masking techniques and wet on dry and wet in wet; keeping colour clean; composition, retaining freshness; keeping your drawing; cutting back with the background and many other subjects. Develop a vigorous approach and master the happy accident.

Class is now full.

Figure & Portrait in Oils-Great Master Techniques

Tutor Chris Browne

Rocks Campus

Week 3F, Jan  8th to 12th , 2018. At Rocks.

Hours 9.15 am to 3.30pm. $550.

With a master painter you study fine art painting techniques, particularly the Venetian Method

perfected by Titian and used by Van Dyck and Velasquez.

Nineteenth century atelier methods and  figure drawing, tonal analysis, colour mixing and composition

will be studied in this course.

Class full
Tutor Paul Newton.

Rocks Campus.

Week 4H, Jan 15th to 19th, 2018, at Rocks. 2 Models provided.

N.B. Hours 10 am to 4pm. $690.

Join renowned international artist Paul Newton for Portrait in Oils, Jan 15th to 19th, 2018, at the Rocks.Students are taken through all stages of building up a portrait. Practice ‘alla prima’ direct painting. Special emphasis on structure, proportions, light & shade, flesh colour, modelling of form. Study the principals of the Meldrum method. Beginners and advanced.

Two models. Hours 10 am to 4pm. $690.

 Class now full.

Introduction to Drawing & Painting

Tutor Rod Wong

Week 5C ,  Jan 22nd to 26th, 2018, At Rocks .

Hrs 9.15 am to 3.30pm. $450.


An enjoyable introduction to good practice in drawing and painting. Using our classical casts  or still life objects, students develop observational and basic drawing skills, progressing at their own pace to oil painting  in monochrome and, depending on progress, colour.

Also emphasised is an understanding of  light and tone and colour mixing.

Tuition is on a one to one basis in a class environment. Students are tutored according to their level.

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Fundamentals of Life Drawing

Tutor David Briggs
Rocks Campus.
Weekend 5E, Jan 27th & 28th, 2018, At Rocks. $240
N.B. Hours are 10:00Am-4:15PM


A program of exercises exploring different aspects of drawing in turn; See the subject as a whole: using alignments, measurements and negative shapes; using anatomy to explain action; perspective and the figure; exploring form and contour; using visualisation and visual memory. Then – putting it all together – the sustained study. Within the reach of the beginner but challenging enough to attract experienced students.

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