Frequently asked questions



We have tried to make our Course information and Enrolment procedures as simple as possible.  Our aim is to provide the most flexible route map for the journey through the school for the prospective student.  Hopefully you will find the immediate answer to your query in the following  question answer list.

You may find the answer to your question on the three downloadable 2 page enrolment form pdf’,s

You are welcome to ring the school during office hours and our helpful staff will be pleased to advise you. You may also email from the contact page.

Question:  How do I know what  fees are payable?

Answer:  See Enrolment form (PDF) with timetable and schedule of fees.  On the timetable – the numbers/letters indicate the class. Choose which class you wish to attend. For Online Enrolments, type in your selected class or classes in the field under “Which courses are you attending?” or Circle the class or classes for mail enrolments. Enrolment is for the term which is 10 weeks. You attend the same class/classes at the same time each week for the term. The number of classes determines the fee. Fees are for the Term of 10 weeks  eg: 1  class per week = fee $380.00 for the term, 2  classes per week = fee $720.00 for the term, 3  classes per week   = fee $1020  for the term , 4 classes per week =$1290 for the term …. and so forth. Please note -these rates apply only if paid in advance at the start  of enrolment, and apply for  the current term only. Further  discounts  for 6 or more classes per week for the term are available if enrolling for 1 Year( or 4 Terms). These need to be paid in advance for the year.


Question: Can I enrol at any time during a term?

Answer: Enrolment should be for a minimum of a term. At its discretion the school will accept enrolments during the term but not for less than 10 classes. Other conditions also apply. Contact the office for details.


Question: Can I defer my enrolment for the next term once I have enrolled.
Answer: No. There is no credit, transfer or refund unless a course is cancelled by the school


Question: I am coming part time. Which courses are suitable for beginners?

Daytime students. It is advised that complete beginners commence their studies in the school with Basic Drawing and Painting, as the central component of their courses in the school.  These courses are held in the daytime at The Rocks and Georges Heights.

Evening Students Beginners can choose any of the following courses in the evening at the Rocks Campus, Fundamentals of Still Life, Figure and Portrait Painting, Fundamentals of Life Drawing and Classical Life Drawing


Question: How many classes should I attend?
Answer. This is completely up to you.  We welcome students attending any number of classes from 1 to 10 per week.  Note the sliding scale of fees .  The more classes you attend the lower the rate per class during the current term . See above.  See enrolment pdf.


Question : When doing Online enrolment, how do I indicate which classes I have selected?

Answer : Type in your chosen classes in the field just below “Personalise your product”. If , however,  you do not, we will contact you as soon as we receive your enrolment to ask you.